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Flag - Papua New Guinea
Area: Slightly larger than California
Climate: Tropical; northwest monsoon (December to March), southeast monsoon (May to October); slight seasonal temperature variation.
Natural Resources: Gold, copper, silver, natural gas, timber, oil, & fisheries.
Population: Almost 7,000,000
Languages: Melanesian Pidgin serves as the lingua franca, English spoken by 1%-2%, Motu spoken in Papua region. Note: 715 indigenous languages - many unrelated
Religions: Roman Catholic 22%, Lutheran 16%, Presbyterian/Methodist/London Missionary Society 8%, Anglican 5%, Evangelical Alliance 4%, Seventh-Day Adventist 1%, other Protestant 10%, indigenous beliefs 34%.
Radio broadcast stations: AM 8, FM 19, shortwave 28 (1998).
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Life Radio Ministries, and other partners in the United States and Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea - Wantok Radioformed The Papua New Guinea Christian Broadcasting Network in 2001 and received a historic license from the government of Papua New Guinea to establish that country's first Christian Broadcasting Network! 7 million people can now hear Christian radio for the first time!

This network consists of a series of FM stations and a tropical band short-wave station, with the first FM station in the capitol city of Port Moresby. A team of engineers, production personnel, administrators, and missionaries, began the first broadcasts of "Wantok Radio Light", the name for the Christian radio network in PNG. Their website is

The installation of the Short-wave transmitter and antenna was completed in July 2005 and effectively covers the Nation. The new Short-wave station re-broadcasts the programming now heard on "Wantok Radio Light". Additional FM repeaters stations are being constructed in the population centers around the country as funds permit. Currently there are 26 radio stations in the network. 

Donations to this historic ministry opportunity are vitally needed and can be designated thru Life Radio Ministries, Inc. All gifts are tax deductible. Thank you very much.

To speak with a Representative, please call 770-229-2020. Thank You!

Our contact information is:
Life Radio Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 2020
Griffin, GA 30224

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