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11.18.09 :: Pawa Warena
We thank God for his continued provisions for the Ministry of Wantok Radio Light. Our share-a-thons are held each year in October and we had no funds to prepare for share-a-thon 2009. We just couldn't do anything but wait and depend on God for a miracle. That miracle came at the right time, and this time it came through Life Radio Ministries and other USA radio partners.

Because of that miracle, we were able to do a road show (a traveling Crusade, like the old fashioned “street meetings” in the USA) starting in Mt. Hagen and going through Kundiawa - Goroka - Kainatu - Ramu and Lae. On the crusades over 600 people gave their lives to the lord. Offerings given on the rallies went over K10,000.00. Many people gave their vehicles for use and others provided accommodation to the our team. Praise God! We were able to build momentum for share-a-thon 2009.

In the week following we were able to raise K707,042.93.

This year has been a very successful year for the Ministry. It is reaping the fruits of it’s past seven years. Every day since April, on average 6-8 people called in on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays particularly in the evenings for salvation prayer and 2-3 on other days calling to receive Christ. Next year, we hope to increase those numbers to ten and above per day.

I believe the harvest truly is plenty and ready!

I wish you a very merry Christmas and a blessed Happy New Year!

Pawa Warena
Managing Director
Wantok Radio Light

02.10.09 :: Joe Emert's Journal
I'm sending this little greeting to a group of family, friends, and sponsors from way down under, near Australia! I've been in Papua New Guinea for over a week and look forward to returning soon. It's been a productive trip. Click here to read more.

04.30.08 :: Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea - Click for larger image Life Radio Ministries board member and former missionary, Rev. Gerald Bustin, is in Papua New Guinea right now to conduct evangelistic and leadership crusades sponsored by Wantok Radio Light (in PNG), Life Radio Ministries, and Gerald also serves as President of Evangelical Bible Mission.

The crusades will be conducted in Port Moresby and Lae, the two largest cities in Papua New Guinea, and will be broadcast to the entire Nation. Several weeks prior to his departure, Gerald wrote the following update, covering 50 years of ministry to Papua New Guinea! Click here to read more.

Click here to read more.

10.18.07 :: A word from Alan and Sarah Good!
WMVV Radio Missionaries Alan and Sarah Good complete the installation of two more FM Repeaters for Papua New Guinea, and served as hosts to NRB President Frank Wright and NRB Chairman Ron Harris, in cutting the ribbon and turning on the power.

Click here to read the full report.

10.05.07 :: Twin Radio Stations Added To Radio Network in Papua New Guinea!
Click here to read the full report from Gerald Bustin, President of EBM International, and Board Member for Life Radio Ministries, Inc., the parent ministry for NewLife FM.

05.25.07 :: Papua New Guinea has Georgia on their mind!
Over two different summers, young ladies from Papua New Guinea interested in Christian broadcasting performed college level internships at NewLife FM, WMVV.

Thelma Ninjapa and Paula Mini participated in summertime activities at WMVV, learning various aspects of broadcasting, audio production, office management, and promotion. During their stay, they were guests in the home of Joe and Jenny Emert, founders of WMVV. Today, both are back home and on staff with our sister-station, Wantok Radio Light.

Some Papua New Guineans are now scratching their heads, trying to figure out what "y'all" means! Thanks to a willing staff at WMVV, Thelma and Paula have been better equipped as broadcasters, and our lives have been enriched by their friendship!

03.02.07 :: Wantok Radio Light PNG/USA Tour 2007 - Update!!
Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea has just received the National Religious Broadcasters International Ministry of the Year Award for 2007 in Orlando Florida. Managing Director Pawa Warena and Station Manager Porian Kumulgo were in the US to receive the award. Following the NRB convention, the Wantok Radio Light representatives visited with WMVV 90.7FM in Griffin, GA. WMVV is the sister station for Wantok Radio Light. On February 26th, Life Radio Ministries President Joe Emert, Pawa Warena, and Porian Kumulgo departed the warm south for Pennsylvania. There they visited WDAC in Lancaster, WTLR in State College, and WJSM in Martinsburg to meet these partners in providing several of the FM repeaters in Papua New Guinea. From there they travel to the Detroit area for a reception with more partners in Bloomfield Hills and then head south to Findlay, OH. The trip continues with a visit to another partner, WXML Christian Radio in Upper Sandusky. From Ohio the team will travel to WFRN in Elkhart, IN and the Technical Center for HCJB Global for more opportunities to speak and share the vision of Wantok Radio Light. As the week comes to a close, next is a visit to historic Moody Bible Institute and the Moody Broadcasting Network. Mr. Warena and Mr. Kumulgo will be guests on the live radio interview program “Prime Time America” on Thursday March 8. On March 9th the PNG team departs for the long trip home. What a blessing and encouragement these guys have been to all of us. (Photos by Sam Cranston)

02.28.07 :: Wantok Radio Light PNG/USA Tour 2007
Wantok Radio Light is our sister station in Papua New Guinea, and Managing Director Pawa Warena and Station Manager Porian Kumulgo were visiting us having just received the National Broadcasters Association International Ministry of the Year Award for 2007 in Orlando Florida. On Friday February 23rd the staff and listeners hosted a special BBQ reception for our Papua New Guinea guests. The evening began with BBQ from Fred and Brenda McGhin and Southern Pit BBQ. While all the guests enjoyed the BBQ, Brunswick stew, chips, and desert, our own Ashley Hawkins and Daniel Britt played the piano, Southern Gospel style. After all had eaten well, the Daybreak Quartet sang several Southern Gospel songs to the applause of everyone. Life Radio Ministries President Joe Emert then presented Pawa Warena and Porian Kumulgo with a special plaque honoring their receiving the NRB’s International Ministry of the Year award. He also presented a very unique keep sake to Managing Director Warena. A one-of-a-kind hand made wooden microphone that was designed and made by Hugh Patrick of Patrick’s Turning Point in Barnesville and hand finished by Rev. Garth Forster of Barnesville. This gift was to signify the 5 years Wantok Radio Light has been on the air and the partnership it has with WMVV – NewLife FM. The evening concluded with a duet by Daniel Britt and Ashley Hawkins playing How Great Thou Art. Thank you to all who came and supported the wonderful work in Papua New Guinea.

02.26.07 :: Dr. Ravi Zacharias
RaviLife Radio Ministries' President, Joe Emert, recently met with Dr. Ravi Zacharias to extend an invitation for him to visit Papua New Guinea to teach and minister to government leaders, University students, professors and the Body of Christ. The invitation was personally extended by Mr. Pawa Warena, Managing Director of Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea. Mr. Warena is in the United States accompanied by Mr. Porian Kumulgo, Station Manager, to visit a number of radio partners and attend the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Orlando, FL. Dr. Zacharias's radio programs, "Let My People Think" and "Just Thinking" are dearly loved in Papua New Guinea, where the radio ministry is celebrating 5 years of ministry. Church leaders in Port Moresby, the capitol city, asked Mr. Warena to extend the invitation while on his trip to the USA. Dr. Zacharias responded favorably, indicating that he is extremely excited and encouraged with what God is doing around the world. His programs can be heard on NewLife.FM Monday through Friday at 9:30 AM and Sunday at 7:30 AM. Wantok Radio Light is the 2007 recipient of the International Ministry of the Year Award from the National Religious Broadcasters.

02.05.07 :: Papua New Guinea - Journals 3 & 4
The third and fourth of Joe Emert's Papua New Guinea journals are now ready to download. Click here to download an offline copy of #3 and here to download an offline copy of #4.

02.01.07 :: Papua New Guinea - Journal 2
The second of Joe Emert's Papua New Guinea journals are now ready to download with more just around the corner. Click here to download an offline copy. Also, click here to download Motu Singing accompaniment.

01.31.07 :: Papua New Guinea - Journal 1
The first of Joe Emert's Papua New Guinea journals are now ready to download with more just around the corner. Click here to download an offline copy.

01.24.07 :: Papua New Guinea - Radio Network Update
Life Radio Ministries has partnered with Christians in Papua New Guinea to support the building of a Christian radio network in their nation -- the first ever in PNG history. Click here to download a more detailed update.

10.01.06 :: Papua New Guinea - Audio Update
PNG Prime Minister prays for national repentance! Download and listen to the prayer here.

07.31.06 :: Back to the Bible!
Woodrow KrollDr. Woodrow Kroll is scheduled for a trip to Papua New Guinea and Fiji, where special radio rallies are being planned for February of 2007. Woodrow Kroll is the President and Senior Bible Teacher for Back To The Bible of Lincoln, Nebraska. His daily radio broadcast, called "Back To The Bible" has been heard in both countries for several years, and is heard around the world. Back To The Bible produces 70 unique radio programs in 25 languages, representing 56% of the world's population:

In Papua New Guinea a National Events Committee has been established to organize several preaching and teaching events where Dr. Kroll will minister, both in the Capital city and in the Southern Highlands. The meetings are sponsored by "Wantok Radio Light", the nationwide Christian Broadcasting Network. Based on attendance at similar events, thousands will turn-out to hear Dr. Kroll share the Word of God.

In Fiji, Broadcast Missionary for "Radio Light", Douglas Rose, has indicated that his team is planning to have Dr. Kroll teach in a major crusade in downtown Suva, the capitol city. In addition, attempts are being made to have Dr. Kroll speak to government leaders and at the University of the South Pacific.

Joe Emert, President of Life Radio Ministries and Board Member at Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea is assisting in the planning of the radio rallies and will accompany Dr. Kroll on the trip.

06.30.06 :: Progress Report - Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea!
A Detailed Update of Progress is now available for download.

02.14.06 :: Completed!
Our new website is up and running! Enjoy your stay!

02.11.06 :: Materials & Journals
Our Resources page has been updated!

01.15.06 :: Praise Report!
Radio Ministries come together in Northwest Central Ohio...

01.13.06 :: Number One!
"Survey says..." WANTOK Radio Light is Number One!

01.05.06 :: Partnership Letter
Pawa Warena, the Managing Director of Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea has released an update in .pdf (900kb) format.

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